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An Táin Arts Centre and Grow Music

An Táin Arts Centre presents a new school of music for children and adults in the North East. An Táin Arts Centre School of Music provides quality tuition in Violin, Cello, Piano, Voice, Guitar, Ukulele, Drum kit, Viola, Saxophone, Clarinet, LC Music, Theory, Children’s Choir, Quartets and Band with both private and group classes available. Perfect for beginners or advanced students.

Classes are delivered Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays in An Táin Arts Centre, with options for both in person and online delivery. We also have additional workshops and camps running throughout the year. More about us

  • Our team knows that quality music lessons start with quality musicians; we ensure all of our teachers are highly experienced in their field.
  • Our innovative technology eliminates the administrative headaches that can make it difficult for parents to schedule and maintain their own and their child’s musical education; booking classes has never been easier.
  • Our team’s approach to teaching blends the music reading skills of classical music with the learn-by-ear skills of Irish traditional music, creating more flexible musicians.
  • The opportunity for frequent performances on the An Táin Arts Centre studio and main stages, plus encouragement of musical composition, helps talent grow and develop – we know that children in particular are eager to practice and attend lessons when they have real goals to achieve.

For further information on what An Táin Arts Centre School of Music can offer, and to book, contact Heather on 085 7493112, email or connect with us via our contact form.

The Scheme has enabled many thousands of musicians across Ireland to develop their musical potential and participate in the performance of live music, performing in genres including traditional Irish, classical, folk, jazz, electro-acoustic, rock and pop. The instruments will allow our musicians to grow and further their education as well as permit new students to try an instrument that otherwise would be out of reach financially. Grow Music An Táin Arts Centre #schoolofmusic

Grow Music
Grow Music