Last week we were delighted to welcome our partners, M.A.D Youth Theatre onto our Main Stage to perform Shout by Alexis Zegerman.  Shout is a moving and humorous play about anxiety and mental health from The National Theatre.

Directed by Calvin Magee this powerful play delves into the complexities of teenage anxiety and mental health, questioning what it truly means to find strength amidst struggle.

The young people involved told us about their experience…

“I really enjoyed my experience throughout making Shout. Over the course of the programme we learned a lot of skills, I have made some of the closest friends I’ve ever had, and I developed as a theatre maker. During the rehearsal period we built on our existing skills and learned new ones. I particularly was interested in the Commedia Dell’arte and movement. All of the work we did was through play.”

“I found it interesting to see how the play changed and developed over time. I thought it was interesting how small choices can lead to massive impacts, how something like a change in tone for one line can change the direction of an entire scene.”

“Being able to work with my friends in a theatre like An Tain has been incredible, and being able to display all the hard work put in by the team in front of our friends and family was great.’

“Whilst playing the role of Dana, I got to learn about what it feels to be disconnected from the world around you. I found playing a character with situational mutism interesting, particularly because my character had a lot of lines that gave an insight into her inner monologue. I got to learn about her views and the world around her”

“I loved the movement sequences that showed the divisions in the school, and the change that takes place in the last movement sequence where the school comes together to support each other”

“I think the entire process of making the play was very important, I loved that we got to have a relaxed performance, it made the play more inclusive”

Sandy Sneddon from Encore Productions, An Táin Arts Centre’s Community Company in Residence was blown away by the production.

“Shout was fantastic last night! Very strong. Our gang loved it! Hands down one of the very best things I’ve seen on the An Táin Arts Centre stage. The play itself is a rich text with loads to mine and explore, which the group did to startling effect – moving like a flock of birds the ensemble swept through space with energy commitment and purpose. The dynamics of the tenderness and aggression, of pace and peace made for an exciting watch with surprises always unfolding across the whole panorame of the stage. Ensemble aside there were wonderful individual performances and mometns and a sense of trust and togetherness that can only be achieved through patient building and process which the gang clearly love. Tech elements were tight and bang on cue – serving the actors perfectly. Moving and funny thoughtfully and brave, we all loved the show and wish it and the whole cast and crew every future success. Time to rest and reflect, be proud and ceebrate!!”