We were delighted to take part in the Ticketsolve Recharge event yesterday at The Project Arts Centre in Dublin. Our Audience Development Manager, Mary Claire Cowley joined the panel discussion Collaborative Energy, a case study into how using legitimate interest as a legal basis for GDPR can help you grow your email list. This has been a project Mary Claire has been working on with the  guidance of Ticketsolve, Katy Raines and the Marketing Forum at Theatre Forum for the past few months. She joined Anna Walsh from Theatre Forum and Aoife Demel from Mermaid Arts Centre on the panel to discuss our findings and how we made the transition from consent based opt-in’s to legitimate interest. Who’d have known GDPR could be so much fun! We’d like to thank the whole Ticketsolve team for having us, but especially Lucy Costello who also guided us through the process of making the changes we needed on Ticketsolve and was responsible for putting the panel together.

We had a great day at the event and thoroughly enjoyed the other speakers and panel discussions. In particular ‘Recharge Your Mindset’ with Dr Colm Fallon on the transformative effects of meditation. It was also very inspiring to hear Niamh O’ Donnell from the Irish Theatre Institute tell us about Safe to Create a dignity at work code of behaviour for the Irish Arts and Creative Sectors. Maria Fleming CEO of First Fortnight was incredibly engaging and candid about her personal experiences during Covid-19 and how they ran the festival in the haze of changing restrictions while still trying to take care of the wellbeing of her team. Something everyone in the arts sector could relate to I’m sure.

In the afternoon we were really excited to hear from Nick and Sergi from the Ticketsolve Development Team on all the fantastic new features that are coming down the tracks for Ticketsolve Users, which will enhance our customers experience. It was a really great event, with so much focus on wellbeing and collaboration and we thoroughly enjoyed it. We’d like to congratulate Ticketsolve on bringing such an interesting bunch of speakers into the room and running a fantastic event. We’ve definitely come away with lots to think about.